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Search for Scholarships & Finacial Aid

Hopefully these resources will help you in your search for financial aide to further your education...

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An office of the U.S. Department of Education


FAFSA -Free Application for Federal Student Aid

File this application at the beginning of each year, starting your senior year in high school, until your last year in college. File as early in January as possible. It is difficult to do unless your parents have filed their tax returns. If you, the applicant, will need to file a tax return, you need to get that filed also.


Adventures in Education                                

This website has links to the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) forms as well as an instructional video.  Some students who are not eligible to file the FASFA may be eligible to file the TASFA.



This website is run by the Texas Higher Education Accountability System. You will find links that help you compare colleges and universities in Texas - what they offer and what they cost. There are also links to help you apply for anything from admission to a specific school or for financial aid.


Every Chance Every Texan

Grant program called the Towards Excellence and Success Grant that is administered by the Texas State Comptroller.


Medical School Scholarship Help

For those of you in Medical School, this may give you some ideas on where to look for scholarships

4 Ways to Spend One Less Semester in College

Ideas on how to save some money on your college expenses


Scholarship Ideas for Business Majors

Scholarship opportunities for business majors...

The College Board

This page on the College Board site can help you determine how to pay for your education through the use of Scholarships, grants, and student loans.


The College Board - Scholarship Search


This page on the College Board site will help you to search for other scholarships that may be available.

There may be a fee to use this site depending on your income level, but entering a low income just to avoid the fee, will skew the results.


Local Johnson County Scholarships    


Johnson County Republican Women - Application due by 

   March 20, 2017 - Link to Application


Smith Scholarship - Applications due March 1, 2017

   Information about the Smith Scholarship

   Application for the Lowell Smith Scholarship

Cleburne Rotary Scholarship


Johnson County A&M Club


If you know of scholarships for Johnson County students that we do not have listed, please send us the name and contact information and we will will add it to our list.




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