It is time to begin

You can download the complete application for the 2021 Marti Scholarships but clicking on the link to your right.  We recommend reading through the application before you start trying to fill it out to familiarize yourself with the requirements and to make yourself a list of the information you will need to collect in order to complete the form.  Good Luck!!!


Remember the Deadline is 3 PM, CST, May 3, 2021.

  2021 Marti Foundation Application
Helpful Tips To Help You Complete Your Application & Conduct Your Interview

Give Yourself Enough Time- 

Don't wait until the night before the due date to start your application.  You are already too late if you do. There are records that you will have to call and request so you need to start as early as possible.

Be On Time-
Get your application in before the due date.  There is nothing worse than having to tell a student that they application is a day late and we can not accept it after you have put a lot of hard work and effort into filling it out.  Also, be on time for your interview.  We schedule each applicant for a 12 interview.  We interview a lot of applicants each year and we don't have time to wait on you so be on time.

Use The Resources Provided-

Our Resource Page and our application give you several web sites that can help you fill out your application and can aide you in acquiring scholarships. Please use them. These resources have been compiled over the last 20 years and have proven useful to many students.

Be Prepared For Your Interview -

Each applicant will be scheduled for a 12 minute interview. These are very fast paced and we want to learn as much as possible about you during the interview, so be prepared. Come well-groomed like you are trying to impress someone. Sit up straight and look the panel in the eyes.  Be prepared to tell your story - who are you, what have you done and what do you want to accomplish. We want to get to know you and we want to know any special accomplishments or situations in your life. This is your time to convince the panel that you are the right person to award a scholarship to.

Everyone is a Winner -

No matter if you are awarded an scholarship or not, everyone benefits from this process.  The Foundation gets to meet a lot of energetic and enthusiastic young people who want to better themselves and the students get to meet people who are interested in helping them accomplish their goals.  If you are not awarded a scholarship this year, buckle down and work hard and apply again next year.