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I'm applying for a scholarship. Do I have to come in to the Marti Foundation office in person for an interview?


No. In 2021, we will offer in-person as well as use Zoom (or possibly some other Internet service) for interviews.


My parents don't have to file their 2019 tax return on April 15. Has the Marti Foundation changed its deadline?


No. Our deadline is still May3. Submit tax return data from 2019 if that's the latest you've got.


Why does your application say I can't use pencil or blue ink?


Because we're going to scan your application. Our interviewers would like to be able to read what you wrote (and you presumably want them to be able to read what you wrote).


I'm working on my application. Can I set up an interview now?


No. We won't give you an interview time unless we have your scholarship application in our office.


I can't get an official transcript! It's just not fair!


The requirement that transcripts have to be official is a rule someone else made up, not our rule. We can accept unofficial transcripts and copies of official transcripts.


I don't have a printer and your website doesn't let me fill out your application on line. It's just not fair!


Sorry. Our application has been available at (under the Forms tab) since sometime in December 2019. We sent it to the public high schools in Johnson County. (We do not know how to get in touch with all the private high schools and home schools.) We now also have a few paper copies available outside our door (at 1501-D N. Main St., Cleburne, Texas 76033).


I'm going to dress up my scholarship application and send it to you by the most expensive method possible in order to make you take me seriously!


Don't bother.


We take the applications that are delivered by ordinary mail or that are slipped through the mail slot (which is to the left of the front door of the office) just as seriously as the applications that are delivered by private delivery services, and the first thing we do with your fancy report covers is to toss them and to start complaining about why you put in so many staples....


The people who vote on your application don't see your report cover and don't know that you sent it by an expensive method. (Be glad of that.)


What's wrong with staples on scholarship applications?


We hate staples. We have to take out all your staples so we can scan your application for our interviewers. (Why can't you just use one staple on your application, or better yet, one small spring clip?)

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