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1. I am a returning student, do I need to register in the portal?

No, the portal is for our newer students.  If you did not apply through the portal, it does not apply to you.

2. I don't have a complete official high school transcript.  Do I need to wait?

No, you can apply for the scholarship with an unofficial version.  We will need an official copy if you are awarded a scholarship.

3. I don't have reliable internet access or a computer at home?

Your high school counselor can assist you in completing the application at your school.  It should only take 15-20 minutes.

4. Do you send me the check?

No, the Marti Foundation only sends the checks to the College or University you are attending.

5. The "Submit" button on the portal will not light up or allow me to submit?

Look at the left side of your application and review which section is not completed.  When you complete all of the sections, it will allow you to submit.

6. Should I use my high school email to register for the portal?

We recommend that you use a personal email address because you will continue to use it after you graduate high school.

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