What is the Marti Foundation?

The Marti Foundation is a non-profit that was started in 1988 by George and Jo Marti to provide educational scholarships to graduates of Johnson County schools.


The Foundation currently has over 220 students currently under scholarship and awarded  80 scholarships for 2014.


The Foundation has assisted hundreds of students over the past 26 years

What Do I Get?

Starting with Fall 2014, our scholarships are $1,500 per semester, and they can be renewed for up to a total of eight semesters ($12,000).


At the end of each semester, our students are required to visit us at our office, turn in their grades, and fill out our financial report. If a student’s academic progress is satisfactory, we can renew the scholarship. (In particular, we expect undergraduate students to complete at least 14 hours towards a degree each semester with at least a 2.75 GPA.)


Please remember that our students are required to visit us at the end of each semester they receive a scholarship, even if they have finished school or they feel they might not qualify for a renewal. We want to keep in touch with our students and keep track of their progress, and we believe that the personal visits help many of our students.

How Do I Apply?

You must fill out our application form, attach the documents it calls for, and make sure it gets to our office (1501-D N. Main St., Cleburne, Texas 76033) before the deadline. The deadline for 2020 is 3 PM on May 3, 2021. You will find a PDF file you can download on our Application Page.

You must telephone our office at 817/556-4687 during business hours to schedule your interview. 


We may ask you to come in for an in-person interview or we may request an interview online depending on the protocols in place at the time for COVID.  This will be an approximately 12-minute meeting with members of our Selection Committee, who will ask you questions about your application and your plans for the future. Please be sure you understand the budget that is in your application, and be prepared to answer questions about it.


After we have finished interviewing all our applicants, the Selection Committee will decide which applicants will receive the Marti Foundation scholarship.

Who Qualifies?

You must be a graduate of a Johnson County school.


You must attend an accredited, non-profit institution. These can be colleges or technical schools.


Once awarded a scholarship, you must take a minimum of fourteen (14) academic hours towards your degree and maintain at least a 2.75 GPA.